Academics discourse encompasses the idea of dialogue, the language used, and a formawhich bridges a high level of communication in the classroom.

v  The discourse can range from peertopeer discussion twholeclass discussion and can take on many forms: metacognition, presentations, debate, listening, writing, & evaluating otherwork.

v  What iimportantis that students are able to process & interact using academic vocabulary

v Academic discourse is not something that comes easilto most students, instead, iis something that needs to be taught, modelled &Recognized by both faculties and students . Witstrategic instructions around what academic discourse sounds, looks & feels likeit can be a useful tool that enriches all classroom interactions and assistdeeper learning and retention. Students may not participatif their thoughts are ridiculed, devalued or ignored. Tthat end, establishing boundaries and moves the discussion forward. To begin to engage students in more complex thinking processes, be clear about the distinctiobetween difficult and complex.

v The emphasis in discourse is communication. As students practice more discourse, their language use becomes more fluid, discourse also helps them practice communication strategies for when they need to discuss a concepthey are less familiar with.

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