COVID-19: Impact on labour class

COVID-19: Impact on labour class


Today whole world is suffering from the COVID-19 (CORONA). It is a pandemic disease and INDIA is also suffering from it. It affects Indian society very much. In today’s time whereas the developed countries like China, Italy, America, Spain have stuck in the paws of this pandemic, India is also hugely affected by this disease.

Due to COVID-19 contagious virus all the states of India, Educational institutions Cinema halls, theatres, restaurants, schools, training centres, factories etc all were completely shutdown. As there is complete lockdown our economy will also fall down because there is no production of anything. So government cannot take various excises which are their source of income. Many workers who are indulged in factories gets unemployed because factories are closed due to lockdown. They are unable to earn because they have leave to work as a labour in fields. It also ruins their financial conditions. The life is going to be very difficult for these peoples.


Central government as well as state governments had announced in this difficult time that they are going to provide free ration to the poor families for the upcoming 3 months. In previous years our Prime minister urged for the Jan dhan khata or zero balance account in which the government is providing 500₹ to the female operated accounts. So that they can minimise their financial disaster.

CM Yogi Adityanath announced on 21 March that the Uttar Pradesh government has decided to give ₹1,000 (US$14) to all daily wage labourers affected due to coronavirus in the state.

Not hopefully but I am trustfull that in this difficult time of COVID-19 India and Indians will support the government policies and their restrictions, follows laws rules to cope up with the spread of disease. Soon we will get rid of this CORONA Virus and enjoy our lives as we will want.

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