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Placement Policy


The purpose of the placement policy is to define the overall structure & processes of the placement cell, and to structure the roles & responsibilities of the teams working on this process of placement cell.

The policy will ensure that

  • Maximum number of students get on-campus placement
  • Deserving candidates can have the opportunity to start their career with their preferred company
  • To maintain the quality standards of the jobs offered
  • To ensure that the whole team work according to the defined processes to achieve the common objective


This policy relates to all Engineering, Management & other courses which is a part of any program coordinated by the University and for which

  • Students will be assessed
  • Completion is required for an award of the University degree
  • Campus recruitment is meant only for the Students of Final year

The University

  • The University mentioned in these Rules refers to MUIT
  • T&P refers to Training & Placements Teams
  • The role of Training & Placements is to provide placement assistance to graduating students. T&P will endeavor to bring together the students and the potential employing organizations and facilitate interactions between the two
  • For this purpose, T&P will correspond with organizations, arrange interviews for students and coordinate various placement activities
  • All placements will be routed through the T&P

Roles and Responsibilities


  • Steady interaction with company during recruitment drive.
  • Finalizing a suitable date with the suggestion of academic department and inform Placement Assistance Cell (PAC).
  • Selection of PAC members.
  • Issuance of warning letter/ debarment letter.
  • Regularly updating the company database.
  • Coordinating with F&D team and ask them to customize the students resume and train them according the company's requirement
  • Update the management regarding the company response on visiting the campus.
  • Ask company to fill a feedback form before their departure.
  • Update the management at regular pace of time regarding the progress in T&P department.


  • Collect the resume from students.
  • Profile them and make necessary corrections (if any) and then punch it in students file and deliver it to T&P team.
  • Channel of communication between students and T&P team.
  • Collection of students company references.
  • Convey the message to students regarding the companies visiting the campus for recruitment.
  • Collecting the names of students who were absent in Pre Placement Talk delivered by the company as well as names of the students who did not attend the interview after getting registered for the interview process.
  • Inform the students about their result and attendance.


All graduating students, shall be eligible to receive placement assistance unless otherwise debarred from receiving such assistance on account of:

  • Secured less than the minimum passing marks in their program.
  • Non completion of Summer Training/other academic requirements.
  • Breach of discipline and general misconduct.
  • Non-payment of fees or any other dues.

Registration for Placement Assistance

It will be in the interest of all concerned in the Final Placement Process, to adhere and support the contents of this note, as successful completion of this program will benefit both - Maharishi University and the students.

All students seeking Placement Assistance are required to register for the same by providing additional information as required by T&P and also sign an undertaking in the prescribed format kept at the end of these rules.

The student will also have to give their three sector preferences before the start of placement process to the T&P department.

Important Instructions

Before the placement

The students will:
  • Ensure that any training requirements, course requisites, essential criteria or milestones by which eligibility to undertake placement is determined are completed prior to undertaking placements, for example, successful completion of preparatory courses, workshops or tutorials;
  • Complete all required documentation, for example, updated resumes in template issued by F&D Department, submission of relevant information in accordance with the placement department;
  • Formally disclose any disability which may affect the placement and for which they are seeking additional support during the placement;
  • Make contact with the T & P team once officially advised to do so.

During the placement

The students will:

  • Carry their University student ID at all times and wear identification and/or uniforms as directed;
  • Adhere to all by-laws, rules, regulations, policies and procedures of the placement department including any dress codes
  • Maintain a level of conduct appropriate to a student in a professional setting and in accordance with the University Code of Conduct
  • Maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality regarding any placement information if advised by placement cell
  • Inform the placement department of any absences from the placement
  • Complete and/or provide any required documentation relating to absence from the placement, for example, Doctor's certificate
  • Advise the placement staff immediately of any incident or concern regarding their safety and well-being during the placement.