Robotics for COVID-19

Robotics for COVID-19

First Images of COVID-19 Virus Captured by Indian Scientists Using Transmission Electron Microscopy 

The world Health Organization has advised physical distancing for people around the world to prevent community level transmission of COVID-19.As Health workers, Researchers, Governments struggle to contain the spread of pandemic that has infected more than 8 lakhs people globally and claimed more than 40 thousand lives.

To prevent community level transmission of COVID-19 through physical distancing for people ROBOTS are being used for Jobs such as sanitizing hospitals, delivering foods and medicines in many parts of the world and perhaps soon in INDIA experiments are under way to increase their role in combating COVID-19 because humans in many cases are now delegating to machines.

In Wuhan, China where pandemic began a field hospitals staffed with 14 robots was opened in Hongshan sports center. The ROBOTS, supplied by Beijing based robotic company CloudMinds were able to do several task such as clean and disinfect, deliver medicines to Patients and even measure their temperature.

In INDIA, The Sawai Man Singh Government Hospital in the Rajasthan capital Jaipur is conducting a series of trials on a HUMANOID ROBOT to check if they can perform the same task which was done by the robots in China. Kerala based startup ASIMOV ROBOTICS has developed a three-wheeled robot that it says can be used to assist patients in isolation ward, helping them with things like food ,medication ,something that nurses and doctors have been doing so far, putting them at larger risk of contracting the virus.

In countries like Italy, Spain and U.S.A.which have become the epicenter for COVID-19 many of their Doctors and Nurses have lost their lives. Most of them could have been saved if ROBOTS were used in place of Doctors and Nurses .As per the reports In Italy, more than 150 doctors and nurses got infected and have lost their lives while providing treatment COVID-19 patients, even after wearing the best protective gears available.

By use of technology China managed to build an emergency hospital to treat patients infected with COVID-19 in just 10 days which has 30 intensive care units, along with several isolation ward and can hold upto 1000 patients.

Robot cannot replace a doctor, but it can significantly reduce the risk of Infection to prevent community level transmission by maintain of COVID-19.

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