Maharishi University Lucknow | Best Private University in Lucknow

Vision & Mission


The vision of MUIT is to transform the potentiality of each student into actuality through Creative Intelligence. Enhancing the employability potential is the thrust focus in the vision of MUIT.


The Mission of the MUIT is to facilitate the process of education and training to let each student grow into a whole man who is physically enduring, emotionally mature, intellectually enlightened, aesthetically developed.

Meeting these commitments in resonance with the scenario, Maharishi University seeks to Develop:

  • A globally renowned university for outstanding academic programs that foster active students participation through applied learning, research and social service.
  • A recognized hub for rigorous academic teaching, innovative research and quality publications in journals of international repute
  • Maharishi Institute of Management
  • Maharishi Institute of Management
  • A nationally recognized and socially meaningful podium of knowledge generation and dissemination.
  • A vibrant hub of cultural, extra curricular activities and sports, where students from vastly different back grounds collaborate.