Transcendental Meditation differs from Traditional Yoga

Transcendental Meditation differs from Traditional Yoga

(Published in Dainik Jagran iNext on the 28th of August 2018)

Ajaya Shrivastava from the Maharishi University of Information Technology (MUIT), Lucknow shares facts on Transcendental Meditation with DJ (Dainik Jagran) inext

Lucknow (1st August )

There are millions of followers of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who gave Transcendental Meditation to the world. Not only did he show them a means to maintain perfect health through Yoga and meditation but also introduced them to spirituality. MUIT’s Ajaya Shrivastava, who is herself a certified Teacher of Transcendental Meditation and member of the SRM Foundation of India has shared significant amount of knowledge with the inext team regarding this meditation technique. We present here the cardinal points from her interview….

Question : What is Transcendental Meditation?

Answer : Transcendental Meditation is an extremely easy, simple, automatic technique, in which there is no requirement for any mental effort. The entire process takes just 20 minutes.

Question : How does Transcendental Meditation affect our lives?

Answer : The mind becomes peaceful and the practitioner’s negative energy decreases, along with a reduction in insomnia, diabetes, and hypertension; not just this, criminal tendencies in society get remedied.

Question : Can anybody practice it, regardless of age?

Answer : Children between four to ten years of age can learn it with ease. There is no age limit.

Question : How different is Transcendental Meditation from other meditations and Asanas?

Answer : It differs a lot from other techniques in being easy, effortless and not requiring any other physical exercise to go along with it. This is a mental exercise in which there is no need to focus the mind or to control or in any way restrict one’s thoughts. It has been accepted across the globe.

Question : How do we assimilate Transcendental Meditation into our daily lives?

Answer : It should be an integral part of our daily routine. it is non-denominational and there is no age limit, nor any need for putting any kind of effort. It can be learnt easily under the guidance of a certified Transcendental Meditation teacher.

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